12 thoughts on “Daily Tech News Show – Nov. 14, 2014

  1. both of you are right about the internet. The free market can fix the DSL
    choice, but it works slowly when we want an immediate results. Maybe we
    need to be more patient? I don’t want the govt. Involved in my internet.
    Title 2 is wrong.

  2. +Tom Merritt​ and +Molly Wood​ Great discussion on Net Neutrality. I’ve
    been trying to convince people to stop looking at Net Neutrality as a Red
    vs. Blue thing since Obama and Ted Cruz are making it so, but it’s like I’m
    talking to a wall. People are for some reason determined to prove their
    side is right when in my opinion is overlooking the issue altogether. I
    mean not every issue needs to be a decisive partisan one. Maybe people who
    have been talking about this topic for 10 years will have more credibility
    than I do.

    P.S. For those who don’t plan to watch the whole show, The discussion is
    between 11minutes and 33 minutes.

    Daily Tech News Show – Nov. 14, 2014: http://youtu.be/2XxCWFkIcsw

  3. Awesome show. Always good to see you and Molly together. You have some
    great insights into Net Neutrality.

    BTW To be out of pocket is to have expended personal resources, often
    unexpectedly or unfairly, at the end of some enterprise. It became
    “unavailable” when you opt out of something because it is going to cost you
    money out of your own pocket.

  4. Right, you guys have been talking about the same points on net neutrality
    for 10yrs, why is this topic so sticky ? SO AWESOME to see the dynamic duo
    back together ! Now we need need NEED a epic Molly Wood Rant !!! Love to
    you both !

  5. I think the revision of “out of pocket” comes from American Football. When
    the Quarterback leaves the shelter of the linemen.

  6. Internet Rules: Molly, it was so nice to hear you speak on the topic for it
    is exactly as I see it! It was comforting to listen you and Tom….

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