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Designing of web Page layouts

The user interface is partly affected by the type of page layout designed. A web designer shall have to decide whether consistency has to be applied to all pages in a website during the processing of designing layouts. Pixel width of pages is crucial for aligning objects in the web design of a layout. The fixed width websites that are popular usually consist of same set width so that it would match with the most popular browser window that is used by consumers, screen resolution that is currently popular and the most used screen size of the monitor. Pages are mostly aligned in the center to make them look good on big screens.

The year 2000 saw the emergence of fluid layouts which were chosen as alternative to layouts based on HTML tables and grid designs, both in coding technique and layout designs but was slow to be embraced by designers. This was essentially done to combat with the screen reading devices that varied in sizes and over which the designers had no control. In accordance with the need a web design is broken into different units such as content blocks, sidebars, navigational areas and embedded advertising and sent to the browsers to afford the best possible fitting.

A browser cannot possibly read the specifications of a display screen but with fluid layouts it was able to make user-specific adjustments in the layouts. However with fixed width layouts it was not possible. But these displays can sometimes change the positioning of major units such as content blocks and sidebars by displacing them under body text. But this display is more flexible than the rigid layouts that are grid-based and hard coded that refuse to fit into the display screen. Even if the content blocks change their positions the text within the blocks remain unchanged with the fluid layout.